Learn how to have total control over the volume of your Android

The volume of some of the functions of our mobile phones can sometimes be a headache. Applications or notifications that sound very strong and others who just came to listen. Something that can definitely be tedious. For this reason, as well as teach you to increase the speaker volume of your mobile, today we will show you an app that will allow you to take the volume control of your device.

Take control of the volume levels of your smartphone

Surely you have thought in order to control the volume of each and every function of your mobile independently. It is something that we definitely would avoid a lot of trouble. And this is an option that does not incorporate the vast majority of Android terminals. So the only thing we can do is deal with it. But, what if we told you that you can change?.

Yes, although you may not believe it is possible to control the level of all the volumes of an Android device. How? In a very simple way. You must simply download an application called Precise Volume. With this app you will be able to forget the height differences in the volume of your terminal.

Knowing Precise Volume

Precise Volume is an app that adds a wide variety of options for the volume of our smartphone. That is to say, offers us the possibility of to modify each option volume independently. we may Even be able to level independently of the volume of calls and notifications.

With this app you’ll be able to control the volume of the ringer, all the system sounds, the volume of the alarms, and more. It also has the option to create profiles to change the volume settings with a single touch. Also incorporates a powerful equalizer that we can customize according to our preferences of sound.

This application replaces the system of original volume of our Android mobile, whatever your model. Becoming a sound system much more complete for our device. And without counting that the app replaces the 15 basic levels of volume Android 100 advanced levels. This app is free, but with a version of the pay it offers up to 1000 levels of volume.

So if you want to to improve the experience with the volume of your terminal you can download this app from the following link.

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