Learn how to have the search bar on any browser on Android

All terminals Android set default search bar of Google. But maybe you are one of those users who prefer to use another browser that is not Chrome. If that is your case, read on to learn how to install the search bar of any browser in your mobile.

do Not want to use the browser of Google or your search bar? It is possible to

If we want to navigate from our Android device, we must do so from the ubiquitous Google search bar. This will be so, no matter who is the manufacturer of our terminal. And is that Google offers its operating system to all the tech giants as part of your business. The presence of the Google applications and services will always be included by default in every device.

When using the search bar, you will automatically gain access to the in-app search Google. And when entering links in the web, and sailed by default via Chrome Custom Tabs. Even using a launcher custom, it is difficult to get rid of the bar Google. But this you can change it if you want, How? Is very easy, you should only use SearchBar Ex.

Download and install SearchBar Ex and use the search bar that you prefer

SearchBar Ex is an app that allows you to create widgets search bar according to the user’s tastes. This application not only allows you to install search bars of browsers but other apps as YouTube. In order to use it you’ll need to delete the Google search bar before you install it.

After you install it you will need to press the app icon or install directly to some of their widgets. There will appear the G Google, you’ll need to press to enter the setup menu. Once in this menu, you’ll see the options Add and Settings. In the first option you must choose Search and then press custom Search. In the category Settings is where you can customize the widget.

When you have chosen your preferred option from the available browsers you’ll be able to return by clicking the arrow in the top left of your screen. Then you’ll be able to rearrange your icons, placing the new in the top of the screen. You can also remove the icon from Google that comes by default in the device. So, you have created your widget to start using the search bar of your browser favorite.

Download SearchBar Ex completely free from Google Play Store in the following link.

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