Learn how to create the radio tower at Last Day on Earth

Previously, we could not create the radio tower for clans in the Last Day on Earth. Remember that it is a game that has been in constant development, and that’s still missing a lot to finish. But now, it is already available in the multiplayer mode as such, and to join a team, we will need the radio tower.

The good thing is that the developers have decided to to change the resources of crafteo of this object, facilitating its construction. That is to say, that even the beginner can start to build the radio tower.

What do I need to do the radio tower?

As mentioned above, before you could not create, by the simple fact that they had to get a resource impossible to find, the titanium. For that reason they changed the materials so that it was easier to do. To start the procedure, we will need the following:

  • 25 of wood.
  • 12 screws.
  • 15 cables.
  • 5 plates of iron.
  • 10 transistors.

After craftear, we will have to put it in soil (earth), and construction to begin final. To begin, we will need the following materials, which are very similar to the main:

  • 15 cables.
  • 15 batteries.
  • 3 signal amplifiers.
  • 10 iron plates.
  • 5 high-tech components
  • 5 wrenches.

it should Be noted, that the signal amplifiers, high-technology components, and wrenches, are the most complicated to find. But even so, by putting a little bit of effort, you can get. They mostly appear on boxes of events, or in areas of orange and red, it is only a matter of looking in different places.

When assembling everything, we give “Finalize”, and the radio tower would be ready. We will use it for to contact other players. In addition, we may also join a clan to get help on several occasions, and find us in areas of our friends. It is very important to try to build the radio tower, as it forms part of the main machines to advance in Last Day on Earth.

we recommend that You visit a lot of events, or activate the police station to get some excellent resources. In this way, the life in the book of revelation, will not be so complicated.

¿You managed to build the radio tower at Last Day on Earth? How far has come your clan?

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