Leaked features of the new Nexus 5, HTC

Nuevos Nexus HTC 2016

We are eager to know the new Nexus 5 2016 Google, which in this occasion will come from HTC. Recently, we have leaked specifications of the Nexus 5 from HTC, a number of features that place it in the mid-range-high as expected, and that you certainly don’t have to waste any.

Nexus “Sailfish”, is the code name or code of the new Nexus 5 from HTC, which will be the successor of the Nexus 5X. Before us in these specifications we were surprised by the 4 GB of RAM, which we confirm almost that the new Nexus 6 2016 would have 6 GB of RAM as the main flagships that are coming out. Although this could be a rumor and not be true eventually.

Alternativas Nexus 5X

Nexus 5 from HTC: Specs and features

These specifications of the Nexus 5, HTC are amazing:

  • 5-inch Screen with Full HD 1080p and 440 ppi.
  • Processor 4 cores at 2.0 GHz and 64-bit.
  • 32 GB of internal storage.
  • 4 GB of RAM.
  • Battery 2.770 mAh.
  • rear Camera is 12.3 MP.
  • front Camera of 8 MP.
  • Other: fingerprint reader, port USB Type-C, 3.5 mm jack and Bluetooth 4.2.

We have before us a Nexus 5 2016 with a good 5-inch screen, ideal for those who follow looking for a smartphone of these dimensions. Otherwise, we speak of a good processor 4 cores accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

finally, we talk about a good rear camera is 12.3 MP and a front 8 MP. We will be able to take stunning photos, that’s for sure, because already with the Nexus 5 what we could do. A good news without doubt it is the battery, that improvement of 2,700 mAh to 2,770 mAh. The improvement is very slight, but less da a stone.

These specifications leave us with a Nexus 5 which is not bad, medium to high range. It’s great since then!

What is the price for the new Nexus 5 2016?

Watching these specifications, we do not believe that will cost 479 euros, as was the cost of the Nexus 5 at its launch (but not to sell down quickly). However, with these benefits so incredible, it can cost that perfectly because there ceases to be a medium to high range. And for sure I will come designed amazing and manufactured with high quality materials.

What do you think are these specs of the new Nexus 5 2016?

Via | Android Police

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