Kodi, successor to XBMC, and can be downloaded from Google Play uninvited

Kodi para Android, ya en Google Play

sure many of you have ever used XBMC , the program served to have a media center in all its essence, which was also available for Android. But a while ago, XBMC “disappeared” and was renamed Kodi , an updated XBMC foundation with the very idea of ​​original service project.

The news today is that Kodi Android , which until now could only be proved by invitation or by downloading the APK file is available for any user can install through Google Play, and of course, completely free of charge (it is a platform open source ). Certainly, this only translates into good news for those who were already common XBMC, and also for those who usually consume enough multimedia content with smartphone and tablet . With Kodi, the possibilities multiply.

Kodi Android, and turn your device into the media center

Kodi goes beyond being a simple video player, as if they are VLC Player or MX, is that aims to be a complete multimedia center with which to enjoy alone or accompanied. With this application, you can manage all your multimedia files through libraries, so that access to content is much more agile and intuitive thanks to the organization that provides, and its comfortable user interface (similar to the XBMC), perfectly adapted to mobile devices, especially tablets and phones with large screens.

Kodi Android is able to relate and automatically download content information we have stored. For example, in films, appearing as we will see cover art, synopsis, casts, and other useful data, and this will also help us when filter searches according to different parameters . Also noteworthy is the many added or add-ons we can use, even for watching TV or listening to radio online .

Kodi better on large screens

We said that Kodi is fully adapted to large screens, but certainly the best way to make the most of it by connecting your device to an external monitor or TV , either by MHL, supported by most smartphones and tablets medium and high range, or HDMI out that many tablets already incorporate market. In this way, yes we can say we have a real multimedia center in our living room, our room, etc.

can also be very interesting Kodi use in televisions with Android TV or any TV Box with Android , such as the Google Nexus Player, or NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, just recently be sold in some markets.

Kodi para Android, add-on ESPN 3

undoubtedly Kodi is an ideal and practically indispensable for those who have many films, series and images and photos stored and want to enjoy them in the best way possible complement. At the moment, still in beta, although its development is quite advanced and works well. It supports Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and above, and as mentioned, you can already download in Google Play.

Google Play | Kodi (Free)

And you do you think? Head over to Kodi, successor XBMC, and you can download in Google Play uninvited to leave your mark.

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