Knows Block Site, the app to block applications and malicious web pages on Android

Not all the content that circulates through the Internet is healthy. That’s why we need to ensure our browsing security and much more when there are children in the house. In this post, we show you how you can block pages websites and apps using a simple application.

¿why block websites and applications?

The main reason is quite obvious: per security. Internet has expanded to global level sharply. This has brought huge benefits to all its users. There’s just no excuse for not acquiring knowledge on any topic that is in network. In addition to that we can keep us informed on any event worldwide. Not to mention that we can to maintain communication with any other person, no matter how far away you are. Internet is an open-book 24 hours a day.

however, not everything is rosy at the surf the net. There are many risks and there are many contents dangerous on the web. That is why it is important to have control over the content that we access. We could thus avoid, for example, annoying fake news. we can Also to protect the very young of the house of the pornographic sites, or with inappropriate content for them. Therefore, in order to have a Internet access no worries, it is ideal to block all of these sites. what is the best way of doing this? you should Only download and install Block Site.

Block Site, the app ideal for blocking sites, and dangerous applications

Block Site is an app that allows you to block access to web sites and applications, in a very simple way. From your computer, you can also find it as a extension for Google Chrome. So you can filter access to sites or harmful applications, or simply distract us from our activities. You can also avoid that your children can access sites that should not be while handling your mobile phone.

And best of all is that you can do it in a very simple way. After you install the app, you must grant the permissions of accessibility required. In your main screen you have three options available. The first with a button or that activates all the locks at once. The second option is the button Block Adult Websites, which is for the blocking of pornographic sites. And finally you will have the option of adding pages or apps you want to block.

After adding the sites and applications to block, these will appear on the main screen. And as a result, each time you want to access any of them a warning will appear indicating that you are locked. But that’s not all, there is also the possibility of schedule the time. How? Very simple; press the icon of a clock that appears on the main screen. There you’ll be able to choose the hours or days that you want to block pages websites and apps selected.

don’t wait any longer and download Block Site completely free from the following link.

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