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The may update for Clash Royale is already available. In the open Clash Royale, you will get a message to update the game and take you to the Play Store to download the latest update of Clash Royale (remember to be connected by Wi-Fi but if you’re in a hurry upgrade for mobile data). As you update and open the game, you’ll see all the changes in the update with the great novelty of the 6 new cards. Oh these cards are stunning! We didn’t expect 6 cards in the Clash Royale with this update and we are happy, we are even testing one in a deck.

6 new cards Clash Royale (update may)

First impressions new letters of Clash Royale:

6 nuevas cartas clash royale

New letters and arenas where you can get them

These are the new letters of Clash Royale may. We tell you what you are capable of, the arena in which we can find and the elixir consumed:

  • Hound lava (sand 4): legendary. This hound lava is awesome because it is a beast flying attacks and then leaves the cubs. At level 1 you have to 2900 life points and 26 damage per second, and 35 damage. Is amazing! Spend 7 elixir. Is the best card of the new, at least the stronger, so that it may be difficult to get it (as soon as the have the I will include in my deck).
  • Oven (arena 5): special. The oven has 700 life points for level 1 and deploy 2 spirits of fire. The cost of elixir is 5 – . It is capable of generating 2 spirits of fire at the same time. Looks a bit like a collector of elixir, in this time we have an oven.
  • Spirits of fire (arena 5): common. This letter is common (as we have been touched in a chest) and it has 43 points of life for the first level and 80 area damage. These common cards are easy to level up, they touch a lot and cost a few coins. Are 3. Spend 2 elixir. It is not very strong, but they burn well the minions.
  • Sprinkles (arena 6): legendary. This letter is legendary and has a very good pint. Has 1,200 life points at level 1 and 260 damage per second, and 1300 of area damage. It is quite strong, and spends 6 elixir. Destroys everything that gets in their way.
  • Miner (arena 6): legendary. This sympathetic miner who spends 3 elixir you have 1000 life points at level 1. Also for this level a damage per second of 133 and 160 damage. It is great because you can appear in any place of the sand.
  • Guards (arena 7): epic. This letter is very good looking. It is epic and at level 1 has 60 life points and 150 damage shield, also 50 damage per second and 60 damage. Are 3 targets, not bad. Cost of elixir 3 – . A priori it is not too strong, it also spends a bit of elixir and don’t have too much life.

you Can see these letters by logging in to your arena and displaying the other arenas. Us to be in the sand 7, we can see all of them. By now we only managed to the spirits of fire to be common and in a safe free. The other, will getting as we open chests for free, magical, superm√°gicos, giant…

we can Not also forget of the ice mage and the princess, who still have not reached to all the players of Clash Royale (me included). At least we now have new cards to pursue, that we go playing of luck in the chests. You already know that the chests are the way to get the new cards Clash Royale, you don’t have to go back to sand or anything like that, you just iran playing. The better the chest, the greater the chance you have.

Other improvements in the Clash Royale

have You seen the following improvements when you open the game?

clash royale actualizacion mayo

  • Now we can see in TV Royale battles of any sand. We just have to move around the menu to discover the best of each arena.
  • We have a lot of changes in the Interface at the time of receiving letters, and also put them in the battle. For example, the venom has a new effect.
  • we Can receive and donate more cards for arena. This we can refer to it in the arena in which we are from the icon (i).
  • Is a goblin in the shop of cards. It is great!
  • Now the battles give us chests and coins. You will notice after just the first game, this is great to get more coins and thus be able to raise the level of the cards.
  • As we told you in the balance changes, some of the letters are now less strong as the mortar, you can see it in detail in the first link that you left.

Many developments in this update of Clash Royale available for Android and iOS in the Google Play. If you enter the game you will appear for download, so there is no waste whatsoever. Already I advance that Wi-Fi took me to download a few seconds, so that is not too heavy for all that comes within, because it is an update of Clash Royale very full.

don’t miss the new cards in action (video)

What do you think about the new cards of Clash Royale? Have you touched any? Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about the changes Clash in the comments.

Download/updated | Clash Royale (Google Play)

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