Know the 5 major hazards you face when browsing the Internet

Without a doubt, the Internet has been one of the greatest inventions of mankind Of fact, in these moments it would be impossible to do without this tool. But nothing is perfect, and the Internet may not be the exception. So today I present to you the 5 major hazards you face when browsing the Internet

¿What are the main dangers of surfing the Internet?

Internet has broken all the barriers of communication having a direct influence in our lives And that is that the Internet has made us have the possibility of communicate regardless of the distances. In addition we provide information and knowledge about any topic. And all this, we have to reach our hands, with only to connect to the network.

But unfortunately with all these wonderful advantages that offers us the Internet, also come many dangers. A series of dangers that many times do not give them the importance they deserve. This can make us vulnerable at the time of surfing and protect our information. Among the main dangers are:

Harassment on the web

Virtually any person has access to the Internet and to the different social networks that are used today. This has led to many people to be the victims of harassment.

There are those who create fake profiles to harass or threaten a specific person anonymously. This generates a lot of victims may suffer psychological problems and low self-esteem. And in more serious cases, the bullying could have deadly consequences.

Scams and scams by Internet

There are a few scams that circulate on the Internet. There are many people who have been victims of scams or scams in the network. That is why it is best not to disclose any kind of financial information on web sites that are not trusted. If you make a purchase or pay for any service Online make sure to be doing it in the above web and never reveal your bank details by e-mail or any other way that you will generate suspicions.

identity Theft

Another of the offences preferred by cyber criminals. The Catfish is used to contact people by impersonating the identity of another. This is usually with the intention of accessing our personal data and information. This is why we must be very careful when sharing information on the web.

Remember not to rely too much and make sure you’re sharing the information with the correct person.

Spam Mails

¿how Many junk emails we receive in a day? Can be many. Sometimes, this kind of e-mails that contain only advertising harmless. But in other cases they come laden malwares that could end the life of our device. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid opening these emails and send them directly to the trash.

inappropriate Material for children and adolescents

access to The Internet is very easy, just have a device that can connect to the network. This without a doubt generates that minors are exposed to content unsuitable for them. This type of material can trigger problems in the conduct of the minor. That is why it is recommended to inform us about the parental control, to keep protected the little ones.

And to you, is there any other danger on the Internet?

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