Know how to use the split screen in Android 9.0

the arrival of The Android Q brought a lot of changes in the interface operating system most used in the world. One of the major changes was the inability to work with the split screen in a simple way. But don’t worry, in this post we will teach you how to use the split-screen, Android-9.

Android Walk brought many innovations to the visual level

How already mentioned, Android presents many changes on a visual level. These changes occurred despite the promotion of this new version of the operating system of Google. Android 9 is touted how a version more focused on the artificial intelligence, but without large changes of interface. However, the operating system looks more different than ever. Even the gesture navigation Android also has changed some things.

This we can see reflected, for example, at the time of use split screen. This function was implemented in Android-7, and kept in its next version; Android Oreo. To activate this function it was necessary to use the button recent applications and there were two methods. The first, simply press and hold the button of recent apps in the home and choose the two applications. The second consisted in opening a app, press and hold the button and choose the other application. This second option used to be the most used in previous versions of Android. And the reason is very simple, you could put in mode “multiscreen” any app that you were using.

In other words, Android has sacrificed the simple shortcut of split-screen. The way to access this function, from this version is quite slow and tedious, which has led to countless criticism on the part of the users. to be able To enjoy it, you need to show the menu Overview of the recent applications. Then press the icon that is available on each application and select the option split screen. It is very uncomfortable, do not?

Known Split Screen Shortcut and retrieves your screen divided in a simple way

The solution to recover the split screen of the earlier versions of Android is very simple. Just download and install Split Screen Shortcut on your mobile phone. This app will allow you to view two apps at once without any limitation, thus improving what is offered by Android-9. In addition to the app provides several shortcuts to launch the split-screen mode. Among them we can mention: – hold the button Start, button Back or the button Accessibility.

it Is easy to use, just open the app and choosing your shortcut preferred to be able to enjoy the split screen. Best of all is that it is completely free and you can download it from Google Play at the link below.

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