It’s official! The next Amazfit of Xiaomi hit the market with NFC

Xiaomi is very close to launch the game a new smartwatch under its popular line of Amazfit. Huami, a company based in Xiaomi, recently included in the list of the New York Stock exchange, and apparently now comes with everything. It’s official, the next Amazfit of Xiaomi will have NFC. The chinese company wants to continue taking away the technology of its timepieces smart.

on The 17th of September will be the event of launch of the new Amazfit of Xiaomi NFC. This could become one of the best watches in the smart market. In the poster presentation of the event posted on Weibo, Xiaomi makes it clear that everything is related with the third anniversary of the company.

All about the Amazfit of Xiaomi NFC

there is Not much that has been revealed about this wearable from Xiaomi. Wang, Founder & CEO, Huami ensures that the next Amazfit would come with NFC, and that the company will work on enhancing the technology so useful.

In the sketch filter you can see a round dial with no buttons on any side. In addition, there is a microphone icon that makes us believe that it will have a built-in microphone and speaker with support for the wizard.

if you didn’t know NFC is a wireless technology that allows you to connect two devices when emitting a signal and at the same time can receive signals. It is a kindness almost unlimited that connects the offline world with the online world.

what is the NFC?

  • Lectura/escritura
  • Identificaci√≥n
  • physical Access to the car
  • loyalty Cards
  • Payment

Without a doubt, is the technology that is being well managed provides many benefits to the human being. To have a device with NFC is quite useful in this 2018.

Just wait to the date to know for sure how it will be the smartwatch. When in only three days, the anticipation grows within the Android universe.

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