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bateria externa mas rapida itron

The technology still has not evolved as much as we think, because the autonomy of smartphones remains a problem. But there are external batteries that you want to put an end to this, so we believe that it is important that you discover the external battery faster. There is one in particular, which is faster than the rest, iTron, able to load in just over 15 minutes.

The external battery faster is by iTron

iTron is a battery pack that wants to revolutionize the market and is not for less, because it has to 9,000 mAh (that would be for a 2-3 loads of media depending on the terminal) and which is capable of load complete in only 18 minutes, which is crazy, because in little more than a quarter of an hour we would have to load for several days in our mobile. Don’t miss the next video:

Simpiz, is the company that is behind this project so innovative. It is undeniable that there is a past, because if you only have 5 minutes to load iTron, we would have equivalent to a full charge on our smartphone. It is very attractive for that. Because you no longer matter only the external batteries of great capacity at a good price, but the faster load.

And what is the loading speed? Quick Charge 2.0, that is to say, fast charge. And besides, we don’t need to connect a single device, but that has a base that allows you load up to 4, although it will be of little more than 2,000 mAh to that of for all. Is very well, because in addition to fast charging the mobile.

what about the price of iTron?

it Is possible that with so many good news you’re wondering how much it costs to this wonder. Well, as you imagine, it is a project that comes from Indiegogo and the benefits that have been achieved have been rather high, nothing more and nothing less than 106.000 dollars. Its price, it is $ 79. It is expensive, but what it offers in exchange could not have a price for many.

itron bateria rapida What do you think this external battery so fast? What convinces you or it seems too expensive?

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