It is possible to use an iCloud account on Android, discover how to!

Millions of users are now equipped with a e-mail account to iCloud. A dilemma that many face when they go to to switch from iPhone to Android, is what will happen with that email account. The passage from one system to another is not easy. And in fact, sometimes there are problems in the synchronization. Luckily, for those interested, it is possible to use your email account iCloud on an Android device.

to conduct a few steps, but the possibility is there and it works without problems. For this reason, I teach you how to be able to use your iCloud account on an Android device. Thus, the step of iOS Android you will find it much more comfortable. We explain more below.

Adds an iCloud account on your Android

Before you to teach you the steps to follow, I recommend having a application to email installed in the phone that is not that of Gmail. There are many generic applications of this type in Google Play. The reason is because we need to add a IMAP account, and there may be cases in which it is complicated.

once clarified this, we are now ready to add our account to iCloud on an Android device. We leave you below with the steps to follow:

  • Go to settings
  • There, look for the section accounts
  • Select add account. In many devices the os is an option that is Personal (IMAP) along with a Gmail icon. If apostáis for that option, it will automatically detect your iCloud account.
  • In the case that you do not have that option, you must select the mail option and then to enter the data manually. Also you must enter the server details manually. In this case, there are two types of servers. We leave you with these data:
    • Incoming server (incoming mail Server)
      • Name server:
      • Requirement SSL: Yes
      • Port: 993
      • user Name: The name of your iCloud account before the @ (For example, if your account is [email protected] only put pacoperez)
      • Password: Enter your password in the normal way
    • Outgoing server (outgoing mail server)
      • Name server:
      • Requirement SSL: Yes
      • Port: 587
      • Authentication SMTP: Yes
      • user Name: iCloud Account-complete (also the part after the @)
      • Password: this is the Password that you have used in the previous part

With these steps the process should be terminated. Most Android phones give you the option of the account IMAP. Without a doubt, greatly facilitates the process, so that if your device has this option, do not hesitate to use it.

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