It is possible to install the Google Assistant on your Android tablet. Discover how to!

Google Assistant is moving forward little by little. The virtual assistant Google has all the elements to become a tool of great utility to the users. The language has been a barrier difficult to overcome, although it will be available in Spanish this year. Despite the enormous work carried out in its development, it is surprising the fact that he never mentioned his availability for tablets.

is very Surprising, taking into account that will even be available for iOS. why then not available for tablets? Is a mystery, and it has never offered any explanation. They have, therefore, been users themselves have taken action in the matter. They have found a way of to be able to have Google Assistant on your Android tablet. Enough to have a tablet Android 5.0. or higher.

How to install Google Assistant

Has been developed in popular XDA Developers Forum. Thanks to this method you can enjoy Google Assistant on your tablet. Yes, we have to advise that is only available in English. At least for the moment. If that is not an impediment, you can install Google Assistant by following the steps we explain below. What steps to follow?

  • In the first place change the language of your tablet device. You have to put it in English in the united States.
  • Download Activity Launcher. Once this is done, you have to run it.
  • Tap the top menu.
  • Select “All activities”

  • Click on the Google application. Then you have to select ““.
  • The window “Explore” will appear. You must search and select the tab “Your Stuff”
  • Select “Add Reminder” and then Google Assistant will appear. You must train it with your voice to be able to have it active.

With these steps you’ll be able to have Google Assistant on your Android tablet. To be able to use the virtual assistant simply say “OK, Google” aloud and then the wizard will appear automatically.

Works the same way on your smartphone. It may be that some of the language I suppose a barrier, but if you know the basic commands in English should not be a problem. In this way you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of Google Assistant. What do you think of this trick? What you are going to use the virtual assistant on your tablet?

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