It Is Apple Music closer Android? Filtered invitations to a beta


Music Apple may already be close to Android , at least according to what we read in TechAeris. The idea that the service of streaming musical of Cupertino may be increasingly close to our favorite mobile OS can start laughing, mocking faces and even nervousness, but can not help feeling some curiosity about how it would look and how to act in Android.

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may increasingly have to expect less, as several users have received invitations to test a beta via e-mail. These invitations have not come directly from Apple, but would have been sent by a service called Betabound . It is a website where users can access different programs that are still in the testing phase. You need to request access and answer several questions to get it.

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These questions are a short questionnaire about musical tastes It follows from the information published on the source, it does not seem to mean necessarily provide any personal data.

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But … Is it legitimate Betabound?

Beats Music

This is the big question. Anyone could Betabound question the legitimacy of when these tryouts offer. Betabound takes several years running, more than a decade and in that time have been testing of hardware and software of all kinds. It seems that is a completely legal business , do not try to take advantage of the popularity of Apple using the name Apple Music.

Meanwhile, Apple still has not pronounced regarding launch another application for Android-still recovering from that which fell to them with Move To IOSCO, but believe that to say that Apple Music will be multiplatform but the question is settled.

Now we just have to wait appear news users who have registered , so we can know what this test program, if we are to have Apple Music on Android and how well it works Android. We look at what’s new for cont├írtelas soon.

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