It Clash Royale will receive a new update on the 3rd of December!

Recently, Supercell has released that Clash Royale will receive a new update on December 3. As we know, the developers study the game thoroughly each month. They do this to make sure that everything works out well, and to see what improvements can be added.

Yes, this is the typical balance settings of the cards that are very important. Luckily, have announced the features that will change in the cards. Below, we’ll show you all about the settings.

What letters have been balanced?

¿why make so many changes? Supercell is focusing on improve user experience, making the battles are completely fair. Each change that is made, is made for any reason, and we can see it with accuracy on the official website of Clash Royale. The letters they received an adjustment, are the following:

  • Dragon electric: -5% at the points of life, and now it is slower your first attack.
  • Ghost real: -9% in hit points.
  • Pigs Real: -6% damage done.
  • Barrel skeleton: receives +62% in the harm of death.
  • Mega Knight: the stroke rate changed from 1.8 sec. to 1.7 sec.
  • Tombstone: the generation rate changed from 2.9 sec to 3.1 sec. And when the building is destroyed, no longer come out 4 skeletons, but 3.
  • Giant: -2% hit points.
  • Archer magic: their first attack slower.
  • Canyon: the stroke rate is changed from 1.2 sec to 1.3 sec.
  • Goblin lanzadardos: acquired +4% damage.
  • Recruits actual: cost of elixir low of 8 to 7. And his attack speed changed from 1.2 sec to 1.3 sec.
  • Barrel of a barbarian: -5% damage.
  • Tower Tesla: the first attack is faster.
  • Arqueras: +2.5% damage, -1% of life points.
  • ice Mage: your damage has increased by 10%, and lose 11% of life points.
  • snow Ball: +14% damage.

As we see, have changed the characteristics of many letters, even more than in the previous update. Especially the gravestone is one of the that has reduced further their skills, according to the developers, is because the letter is not fully balanced, and is one of the key points to form a deck powerful.

¿you Think they’re good changes you will make in Clash Royale?

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