Is it worth to buy the premium version of the Antivirus for Android?

Since several years ago, the Virus came to the Android devices to offer protection against the large amount of malwares that were leaking, even from the Google Play apps. Today, the Play Store offers us a catalog fairly wide anti-Virus, provided by various companies of recognised experience in the field.

luckily, most of the Antivirus available in the Play Store we can download free of charge. However, it is remarkable that absolutely all of those same anti-Virus “free” have a version as an optional payment (also called “Premium”) that leads us to wonder if they’re worth it. Below, we will answer the question.

Pros and cons of the premium versions of Antivirus famous

To respond accurately to the question, it is necessary to assess what are the benefits of the premium versions versus the free versions. To do this, we will take as an example the antivirus of the most well known in Android as they are: Avast and Bitdefender.

Premium Version of Avast Mobile Security. Is it worth it?

The Antivirus of Avast for Android is one of the that offers more features in its free version. Not only does it protect efficiently your phone from malwares and hackers, it also optimizes its performance thanks to features such as VPN, junk files cleaner, blocker calls, saving battery, etc

In its premium version ad-free, for an annual cost of 14.99 euros, offers support directly with Avast and other specialized functions to locate your mobile in case of theft. Certainly, the premium subscription doesn’t cost much, but the benefits don’t really worth. In fact, to locate or lock your mobile in case of theft you can free download these 4 applications, by accessing the link.

Premium Version of Bitdefender Mobile Security. Is it worth it?

Bitfender has very similar characteristics to Avast, however, their free version basically works only for scanning and removing some malwares small. However, you have to admit that it is a powerful detector of harmful files to your mobile phone; there is malware that will escape. Has VPN, limited for free users, and features anti-theft and anti-intrusion to be pretty effective.

Your premium version costs a monthly 9.99 euros. Although it is quite expensive at first glance, the great diversity of premium features in this app guarantee the total security of your mobile, making the price corresponds with the quality of the product.

In summary, what or not to buy a Premium Antivirus for my Android?

If you normally don’t browse unknown websites, downloading files from dubious sources or to install apps outside of Google Play, then with a free Antivirus will suffice thee to keep safe your mobile from any possible threat. In fact, the Antivirus, you will be more useful for its functions, style or VPN blocker apps which detect and eliminate viruses.

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