Is it worth to buy the Nexus 6P today of second-hand?

¿is it worth buying the Nexus 6P today second-hand? This question will make many users, and today we are going to tell the whole truth.

I have a Nexus 6P for little over a year and a half, specifically I bought it in December of 2015, 2 months after it went on the market. It is a terminal great because you have a high-end with high performance, good photos, and most importantly, Android Pure updated. In these moments, if you get one, you’ll be able to enjoy Or Android with the program of betas.

nexus 6p

is it worth to buy the Nexus 6P today second-hand?

But the question that we were posing at the beginning, to tell you that yes, still worth to buy the Nexus 6S of second-hand.

But the advice that you give, is that don’t expect much to do. If you are going to buy it, buy it, because if you wait, you’ll know that the next year will no longer update. The Nexus have 2 years of updates and 3 support, and Android Or is the latest update for Nexus 6P and 5X. You’ll be able to live updated a year more and then it’s over, however, there is no doubt that will continue to be a great mobile for 2 or 3 more years.

why buy the Nexus 6S now?

  • second-hand I have seen many for 250 €, is a great price.
  • You’re wearing a high-end.
  • Good cameras, photos, and videos of great quality.
  • Great performance (in excess).
  • Android Or now.

are There other better alternatives for this price?

If you want to experience the Android experience Pure, you can buy a Bike again. However, with Nexus 6P you can immerse yourself in Android, Or now and relive that experience Nexus before it is finished.

What cons has Nexus 6S?

Personally, the battery it seems to me the worst thing in Nexus 6S. Has a bug or we do not know very well what it is, that means that when you have less than 16 % of battery (usually), sometimes it turn off for no reason. Nothing you can’t solve with patience, or with a power bank, but does not hold a day. However, when I do a hard reset I imagine that will improve, so don’t have very much in mind.

In the final. Yes I would buy it, but as soon as possible and not more than 250 € 2nd hand.