Is it worth rooting an Android in full 2019?

The ability of rooting our Android phone has been available for a long time. Even today this method continues to be applied to make the most of your phone, so you can squeeze the most out of every one of its functions. Let us see in what consists this process and if it’s really worth that we devote to implementing it in full by 2019.

does Rooting a Android mobile?, what is this process?

Be the root user allows us to have all permissions to use our mobile. Translated to human language: allows us to modify any settings of the phone. That is to say, that gives us the possibility to change the default operating system, to squeeze the hardware, uninstall the applications from the factory, etc

Thus, when rooting an Android you’ll be able to manage it as you wish. Also, at the time of the root, we have to be very cautious. This is because multiple functions of security and protection will disappear.

in general, it is best to take utmost care with every one of the files that we visited and delete it. A simple change in the files that are vital to the system would cause multiple problems in the Android platform. Now let’s look at what we gain and what we lose by the root.

What advantages we get by rooting our Android mobile?

  1. you Can install custom ROMs. Change the ROM allows you to get a new software on your smartphone. In addition to that you can keep upgraded your computer to the latest version of Android for a long time. Inclusive, you’ll be able to improve the device performance in various aspects (battery, fluency, processing, etc).
  2. remove apps from the manufacturer. As is usual, the Android phones come with apps specific to the company that developed the smartphone. This may be interesting, but what is certain is that the majority of applications do not will be useful to us.
  3. Block ads for all apps. Thanks to the root you can block the popups that come up when navigating through the Internet.
  4. Run special applications. You may want to install an app that requires special permissions. If this is your case, once the root is applied to the mobile phone, you can install these applications without any problem.
  5. Increase the performance of the battery. This is another of the great advantages that the root offers to us. We will be able to use it without problem some apps like Greenify which allow us to block apps and restrict background applications, which results in a battery much more durable. Here you’ll be able to download the app Greenify.
  6. Make a backup of the whole system. When we do not have root we can only make a backup copy of a part of the system, as is the case of the apps and some settings. So, once you apply the rooting, we will be able to make a full backup of the entire system. If you don’t know how to make a backup of your Android system enters this article.

¿What disadvantages have to be root in Android?

  1. The biggest risk that you can run is to lock your smartphone. A bad action on a mobile with root you could leave it as a pisa papers. We should never delete the files that are entrenched in the system, this could be fatal. Also, when you root the mobile we need to execute the method as a failure in the middle of the process would be irremediable.
  2. Loss of warranty. This is something irreversible. The rooting an Android you will lose the warranty of the mobile immediately. Any problems that may arise once rooted, your smartphone will not be covered by the manufacturer.
  3. Problems with the management of the team. To be able to access every detail of the mobile phone is something great, but any false step can be a big problem. Even if you decide to increase the performance of your CPU, you need to be very careful with these decisions. Of course, the computer will go faster but it may overheat and become damaged.
  4. Settings risky. This is another area of care. You must think very well what settings to enable and which to cancel. A bad decision could block the mobile. Another problem is to download a ROM incompatible. This would cause defects at the level of operation or complete closure of the system.
  5. Drawbacks in updates. A problem’s root is that the updates never arrive on your phone. Even, it is possible that automatic updates may not work. In other cases, because of the rooting, the update may not be installed due to the modifications suffered by the team. In case you don’t know how to update your mobile to latest Android version follow our indications.

¿it Is illegal to root an Android mobile?

at this point you should know that this depends on certain factors. In the first place, there are many brands that allow you to root without any problem. This is the case of Google, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, among others.

on the other hand, the application of the root in certain countries, yes, it is an illegal practice. This is because the manufacturers don’t like users to take control over the phone hardware. Therefore, everything will depend on the area where you are. Although for the users of Europe, we have very good news, FSFE, Free Software Foundation Europe, has determined that rooting a phone will not remove the warranty of the device.

What to do, rooting or not rooting?

Now that you know each of the advantages and disadvantages of the root it is time to make a decision based on your needs and the risks that you’re willing to run.

If you want to be an advanced user to be able to get all the juice out of your phone then the rooting will come of wonder, you’ll be able to experience new features that help your smartphone to be better in every way. Now, if you don’t know what to do with the root or you have need of it, then don’t commit to this, it will not be necessary at all.

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