Intel and Nokia are joining the world’s App

recently held in Barcelona Mobile World Congress , a conference where mobile companies showcase their latest products and future projects, but have highlighted Intel and Nokia in a joint project.


These two companies will create a joint platform based on Linux called Meego . VP Software Intel and services
James, said Renee J. at a press conference that “Meego is a open platform for developers “ that will benefit various platforms way back, including Symbian at a later date. “
” Meego will be a strategic platform for Nokia, although many phones still work with Symbian program, “says Kai Oistamo . This new platform for Intel primarily benefit consumers, operators (the main beneficiaries), to developers, manufacturers PC and software vendors. Presumably the second quarter of 2010 with devices launching later this year will be launched.

The Measure Intel and Nokia is that companies that take new phones and devices, including Meego, does not mean that Nokia go to wean their Devices Symbian operating system, defines it as “a way to democratize the smartphone solutions,” the most advanced terminals.

There is also a strategic partnership between Intel and Nokia to strengthen their relations and to compete more directly with other powerful companies like Apple that has APP’s . The iPhone has succeeded leads ultimately pay for almost all applications and possibilities, is a monopoly for the distribution and sale of portable software and not exactly cheap system, according to Nokia, Meego be “the best of Maemo with the best of Moblin to” create an open platform for multiple processor architectures, which also operates under the rules of free open source software.

Apple is now the world’s leading distributor App century, but eventually Meego could rival Apple.

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