Installed the camera from the Pixel 3 in the Galaxy Note 9 and S9

some time Ago we discovered a page on where to find the ports of the camera of Google for a large number of phones already that the HDR+ in the Google mobile is mind-boggling.

These ports, in mobile with Snapdragon 845, were not working well because that made the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 is back on track. Now, several developers have been able to make these ports work much better on the Galaxy S9, Note 9 and Galaxy S9+ both with chip Exynos as Samsung.

you can Already use the Google Camera on your Galaxy high-end

With these ports, which we will leave below, can be use the HDR mode+ no problem. Yes, the portrait mode is still not working correctly in the model Exynos. Once you launch the updated Google Camera to the Pixel 3 these developers should be able to fix the problem.

Download the house of the Pixel to your Samsung with Snapdragon

The port to Snapdragon it works pretty well. Yes, you’ll need to select in the mod of the camera adjustment B-S-G as the Pixel 2 XL in order to activate the HDR+ and it is stable. Otherwise it could give problems.

Download | Google Camera for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 with Snapdragon

Download the house of the Pixel to your Samsung with Exynos

The port for Exynos also works quite well, although somewhat worse than the version for Qualcomm. In some cases, depending on the environment, the images are with a wrong exposure and a color somewhat greenish but can be fixed in the settings.

The portrait mode also does not work well (we have tested it and not going to anything fine), but thanks to the Live Focus, integrated into the normal camera, can make photo very good.

Download | Google Camera for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 with Exynos

The good thing about these ports is that they make photos even better than the camera app of Samsung. Yes, the Galaxy are also getting updates in your camera and because of that the ports are not 100% stable it is better to opt for the default camera that comes on the smartphone even though this is not bad for experience.

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