Install the new Android M Clock application on your terminal with this APK!

Android M

After the Google I / O this year we all the news over the table . Something unknown and that even have their own permanent is the name of the new version of Android, now called “M” and waiting for a final result. As happened with Lollipop, soon we will know.

Concerning the name is a mystery, but we venture to say that as usual will be a sweet, to what we have mentioned some as Muesli, Marmalade, Mousse Marshmallow Very likely, Meringue and why not, some trademarks as Milkybar, Maltesers and M & M.

There would be a surprise, as Google already reached an agreement with the known Nestle KitKat , something that could happen again with the same, or with any company in the same sector but with a distinct sweet .

A point strongly in favor that has given us is the Android developer preview of M which users are already making the rounds and are taking all kinds of information and content to light. Among these, it includes new customizable menu of quick settings, to own new launcher or wallpaper.

To make matters slightly above, is added a new installer of a native Android application, specifically known as Clock , which brings alarms, world clock, a timer and a stopwatch . Regarding the above, we find a very different visual changes, but if there are new features and outstanding colors that bring fresh air to this, the style of renovation as if it were Google Play.

Reloj Android M

In detail, we can now configure what day we began our week. This comes in handy given the different work schedules that people have because it can adjust to start the week on Saturday, Sunday or Monday , adapting more and more to a digital alarm plus.

In terms of design, the pink to keep the bottom button and disable or enable alarms, but with renewed and successful blue to liven an application that wore the dark Lollipop typical gray. Regarding functions are not changes, but does not detract from the above, although it could do with more functionality, because we crave something basic case of the native Android, but it’s something more personal.

Remember that this is intended for developers, and although users say it is perfectly usable the preview contains mistakes and there is no reason to complain, because until the final and stable version the code will not be clean.

Without further ado, you can safely download the APK signed by Google , which seems to work well even in Lollipop, which will serve to update the application and enjoy the latest news here above. Unless you work for may be compatibility issues or stability, patience, wait a solution or even new version.

APKMirror | Android Clock M

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