Instagram will be compilation of videos daily


for a season that Instagram has started to compete with the Live Stories on Snapchat through compilations Spotlight (presentations with the best videos of a subject or a specific date). This section appears above the Browse tab. (the tab in which you can see posts from the people you follow) and it is present since June.

Now, to date, Instagram has made only a collection Spotlight on Halloween, the day of thanksgiving, winter break and new year but this looks like it’s going to change even if you had plans to use it for large festivals and important events.

RecopilacioĢn diaria Spotlight Instagram

Instagram show collections daily Spotlight

right Now, starting already, the collections will be much more popular since the app combed the web in search of clips and interesting topics and at least there will be one to watch every day. The idea of this is not that the people to be more active but you see things that you never expected to see and that could be interesting.

Instagram don’t want your network to be just a mixture of sunsets and a lot of food, you want people to be encouraged to create new things and that is why he has launched extra applications like Boomerang, Collages, and Hyperlapses for people to put the batteries when you create things original.

One of the problems of these compilations is that there is attribution to the creator of the clip on Snapchat, this already changes in Instagram where it will be easier to track the people who has created the clips. Instagram wants the people who have created good things feel attributed and re-visited later.

The video in Instagram is taking a long time to take off properly and many times people not listening or the sound of the creations. Now, it is a way to start. Compilations of this style could to accustom users to watch videos for, I guess, get more out of the platform from advertisers showing a few advertisements that are more natural and flows.

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