In what ways hidden can leave Ditto in Pokemon GO?

Surely you are aware that Ditto can already catch the Pokémon GO. But you know… in what ways hidden can leave Ditto in the Pokémon GO? In this article we’re going to reveal. And in the previous one, the previous link, as we tell you how you can capture it, but as I already told you this has more chicha than you think. If you want to know a little more of this don’t miss the next video LuzuGames… because you will see that you do not have waste any:

In what ways hidden can leave Ditto in the Pokémon GO

there Are many different hidden forms that can take Ditto. Let’s say, that Ditto is not going to appear to you with its shape and color rose to capture… you will get a Pokémon to normal and below this is Ditto’s hidden, but you won’t know until you shoot… this means, that you’re going to have to spend a lot Pokéball and fill many times your backpack Pokémon until you find it.

Then… in what ways hidden out Ditto?

we have seen It in :

  • Rattata.
  • Zubat.

But may come in many other. In theory you can quit hiding behind any type of Pokémon. This means, that if you cross any Pokémon you’re going to have to capture it because only you will know that it is Ditto in the moment to capture it… you will get Ditto and will be registered in the Pokédex. But what is funny is that you’re going to have that to capture a lot of Pokémon of which you are already tired of capture only to find it hidden below the Pokémon.

Is it hard to find a Ditto?

Depends on the time that you spend on it. You’ll just have to go out and capture all the Pokémon that you find. When I say all… is all. No pass the zubat and rattata, because right there could be Ditto hidden.

do you Already have to Ditto?

If you know other ways that you can take Ditto and you have left… let us know in the comments to add it to the list. We for now only what we have seen in these two forms.

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