In the Clash Royale begin to tire the Coffers of clans

If you play Clash Royale insurance that to these heights of league you know well that are the coffers of clans. The hood of the clan is available every Monday and lasts for 3 days, time necessary and sufficient so that all the members of the clans to get enough crowns for everyone to open this chest. It is a collaborative game and is great, but with the passage of time, has begun to bore many users, and to bring problems.

As we have colleagues and read in the forums, it seems that In the Clash Royale begin to tire the coffers of clans. However, as of now nothing can be done since every Monday is active, and tap to play or not to add trophies, what can give you problems with your clan, because in most it is mandatory to get a certain number per player, since it is not fair that the one that did nothing to take as the chest, nor should be forcing you to play. For this reason, it is giving rise to some dispute.

The chest of a clan in Clash Royale it begins to be tiresome and obligatory

Many players have claimed that they begin to be a bit tired of this chest of the clan. At first it was super fun because it was a way to “free” to get more cards, but it seemed that would come out every two weeks (which would be perfect). But is coming out since then every Monday.. so every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you have to do a minimum number of trophies to add your grain of sand to your clan and get it open.

players who have little time, do not wear anything, well… because something that started out as a game and fun, is now becoming a requirement in many clans. Because as it is a prize collaborative that all members of the clan receive but to give more-or-less cups, let’s say that between the days of the chest of the guild “force” to play all the players although they are not eligible for trophies, add and get to unlock the treasure chest.

What do you think? Do you should remove it or keep it? Or do you perhaps lengthen your time for it to appear every 2 weeks? We will be looking forward to hear your opinion.

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