Improves performance of games on your Android phone in minutes

If when you play a game on your phone as your performance is not adequate, then do not worry. There are a number of tips that you can apply for the same work in a better way. These tips you are going to show you next, and best of all is that they are very easy to apply.

Tips to improve the performance of the games

These tips and “tricks” have a greater effect in mobile low range and medium/low. If you have a phone of mid-range or mid/high you will not see large changes in the performance of the games that you run. Similarly, you can do these tips without any type of problem.

Use apps to optimize your mobile

Here in AndroidPhoria we have made a great number of articles mentioning this type of applications. While there are many Android users are wary of these apps, there are some that manage to improve the performance of the phone. Thus releasing RAM memory and allow both the games and the apps have better performance at run time.

Removes everything that is not in use

If you already if your phone has little internal space, it is in vain that you have applications installed that you don’t use on a regular basis. Remove applications is really very simple. you should Only go to the section of apps in your mobile and then hold the application to drag it to the icon that says Uninstall.

Also we recommend to delete files that have been sent by WhatsApp, and even delete app shortcuts to your cell phone is not need to preload these icons. This is counterproductive as it decreases the performance of the mobile at the time of play.

Restart your mobile before starting the game

If you are about to play a game that requires concentration and above is of the competitive type, type Fortnite or PUBG, so we recommend you to restart the phone before playing. When you restart it you will ensure that the same free up memory RAM and that space is occupied by the game. If you want to, you can restart the phone before playing a game, although not all the time, it is necessary to do so.

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