I’m going to Mexico for 21 days, the new viral Facebook support breast Cancer

Viral cancer de mama

there is a viral Facebook support to breast Cancer and there are many women have put in a new viral campaign in Facebook support, so that’s sure you’ve met a member of the style: I’m going to Mexico 21 days, is the new viral Facebook that fight against the Cancer of breast. A disease every time has a greater chance of cure, but nevertheless is still present in the society.

“I’m going to..” is the new campaign that has been placed on active women on Facebook to support breast Cancer. Sure you have found many states such as this along today (is nothing new), but today I have seen many friends of Facebook and even fell into the trap of believing that one of them was going to go to Germany for 3 days, until I told all this by private. The message string says the following:

me voy a mexico 21 dias viral facebook

“I’m going to…”, the viral Facebook support to breast Cancer

As we read in the previous lines, you have to write in our state (women only) the following:

  • I’m (your birth month by country) (your day of birth) days.

Your day of birth, is the day that you will go.

The month of birth is the place for you to go: January-Mexico; February-London; March-Miami; April-Dominican Republic; May: France June: St. Petersburg; July: Austria; August: Germany; September: New York; October: to Amsterdam; November: island of Bali; December: Tokyo.

As a result: I’m going to Tokyo 13 days.

viral cancer de mama me voy dias What is yours? don’t hesitate to update your status with this game to support breast Cancer, so you’ll just have to write to where you are going the previous way. It is a game that you have to pass all the girls to fight together against breast Cancer in another beautiful viral campaign like this.

have You seen more states how to this? Are you going to post your state? Remember to share this message with all women of your FB. How many more better.

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