If you like the superheroes of DC, you must try these games for Android

as Well as Marvel has excellent games, DC also has his own, and they are very good. Sure that you won’t want to miss out on them, because the best games in DC, feature subparagraphs (incredible graphics, and a gameplay that is very interesting.

¿you Want to know what are the best games of DC to Android? below you will see the most recommended, and all of the features that call the attention.

Injustice 2

Sure you already know, it is one of the more recent titles of these great superheroes. It is the adaptation of the console game to Android, the gameplay is pretty simple, and fun.

This game features excellent graphics, even more than Marvel: Battle of superheroes. Without a doubt, is one of the things that calls attention to Injustice 2, and also the fact that there are a number of characters that we can unlock with time

it is Basically a fighting game where superheroes and villains are fighting to keep the peace. Each character has unique abilities, which is excellent.

Injustice: Gods Among us

Is the previous release of Injustice 2, it is basically the same thing, a fight for peace. Of course, in this the graphics are not as flashy as the 2.

despite being a oldest game, it is good to be entertained for a long time. Here also the characters have different skills, and you’ll be able to unlock each villain and superhero of the videogame.

DC Legends: Battle x Justice

it Is a game very similar to Marvel’s Strike Force, it is strategic, and depending on the movements you make, will determine victory.

Basically, there will be two groups, the enemies, and you. The game will be guided by turns, and the most powerful will win. It is highly recommended, although it doesn’t have the best graphics.

Batman: the enemy within

If you want to think how he thinks of Batman, this is the perfect game for you. It is a game developed by Telltale Games, so that you will be the ones to make the decisions that will lead to the end of the story.

Of truth, is highly recommended, sure you will be eager to play another chapter.

it Is a very interesting game, and is done in 2D. Here you will look for the mysteries of Gotham, and you’ll have to find the culprit of the crimes committed in the city.

is a game that Is divided into several mini-games. They are fun, and some are puzzles where you will have to use logic.

¿What is your superhero of DC’s favorite?

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