I was walking looking at the phone, she falls into the sea and pulls out the Police

Caminar movil

Seem to news taken out of the movies, but are true and this time it has happened in Viveiro, Galicia. A woman went to the , using the mobile while walking and, suddenly, it fell into the sea.

neighboring Susana folgueira court, 27 years of age and resident in Viveiro, fell in the marina when he was walking looking at his cellphone. She states that she was looking at the WhatsApp while I was talking with a friend and, not realizing that it was the way, fell into the sea.

Viveiro cae agua movil

fell into the sea and had to rescue the Police

of Course, when you go direct to the water was lucky that the tide was full, and that allowed not take any hit but when you set out to leave, he realized that between the jetty and the boardwalk there was no ladder to get out of the water.

To get out of there for your own foot would have to give a good rodeo although he had the luck that a couple walked by the place heard her screaming and called the Police. She is sure that now he remembers with a laugh but at the time it went very wrong.

With a rope managed to remove it from the water that was very cold

At the time the Police thought to bring a boat, but in the end decided to tie a rope to his waist and pull the woman there. Once extracted from the water to the neighbouring Viveiro was transferred to the Emergency room but she explains that he just wanted to go home to take a bath and changed.

Now this neighboring states that do not fit desire to use the cell phone while you walk by the street and luckily the fall did not lead her to suffer any kind of major coup. The water was freezing but despite a fall of almost 2 meters of height of the drop against the water was not too violent. Was lucky, but if no one had ever heard could have put his life in danger. have you ever had an experience something similar while you looked at your mobile phone by the street? Have you ever hit against a street lamp and go looking at the mobile? do Not laugh, these things happen more and more often.

Source | Europa Press

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