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I don’t have Facebook“, the expression that every time you listen to less, or more, depending on how you look. I say that we listen to it more because it is also more common if the person has Facebook instead of asking for the phone number.

When someone says that you do not have Facebook you are indicating that you has renounced some things that are more common in Facebook:

  • Receiving thousands of notifications from people you don’t know.
  • Receive notifications to play games that you’ve never tried them.
  • Gossip the Facebook of your family, friends, and, worse, unknown.
  • Leave behind the anxiety that assumes the social network itself, people sometimes suffer risk of addiction when you are on Facebook.

Facebook espía las fotos que sacas aunque no las subasUntil here all good, give all this is something very common to all and, in fact, give up these things has more advantages than disadvantages but what is certain is that not having a Facebook can sometimes (not necessarily), close your horizons and make you lose a contact that will generate a job opportunity, lose the ability to establish quick contact with people that otherwise could not interact (large corporations, celebrities, etc) or well lose the ability to learn more quickly unless you use some other platform such as Twitter.

why you should leave Facebook now?

Now, despite the fact that you follow on Facebook or stop using the social network sometimes is not an option but an obligation, there are several reasons why you might stop using Facebook right now.

  • Maintain your professional image – Facebook can give you contacts but there are many more reasons that can make you lose one. Take care of your professional profile in the network and it is vital that your Facebook does not exist or that there do not expose things that people should not know. If you have Facebook you may have people of your work in him, and that exposes you to people to see things that don’t need to see. Another solution is to be invisible in Facebook and use it only in an environment very closed to it is also completely valid.
  • to Establish real communication – Close your Facebook can force you to make a call. In Facebook all the world is but what is certain is that to maintain real contact is much more grateful and, at the same time, less of a problem. how Many times people have misinterpreted one of the phrases that you’ve said for the chat?

Facebook can be dangerous, people become addicted

  • to Avoid the emotional burdens – See Facebook it makes you think that the people leads a life that does not exist. In Facebook all over the world hangs the best of himself, happy couples, their gifts, etc See Facebook can make you feel a wretch, and you have a life much better than that person that uploads all of the days photos to Facebook.
  • Stop wasting time – Procrastinate, that is what you do on Facebook most of the time. Facebook has advantages but most of the time the only thing you are doing is wasteful.
  • privacy – Facebook counts everything (at least that is what prohibas), account to your friends when is your birthday, remember your worst photos, account with who you married, where you live, what you do and even where you are. If you want to avoid all of this by stepping away from Facebook is the best or, you can also, to not tell her all of this. Facebook snitch up to your flirting.

I Think these 5 reasons are more than enough to stop using Facebook, and although many people have not stopped using for professional reasons yeah we must admit that we have times in which we engage in Facebook. Leave it to one side is the best and the less case you make the happier you will be, believe me, young people are fleeing Facebook and they may be right.

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