I cannot see the Pokémon in the camera, what do I do?

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Many users have told us in comments that to activate the camera RA do not see Pokémon (not detected). That is to say, that the camera does not work on Pokémon GO. This is happening to many users, however, the terminals on which we have tested and that have a gyroscope works without problems, so you should check if your terminal has the gyroscope, because if you don’t go could be a thing of the game.

there Are many problems that we are having these days with the camera RA on the Pokémon GO. At the time of to activate the camera and augmented reality to see the Pokémon as if he were on the street (what we see in the main photo and in the following), you see the Pokémon, so you have to turn off the camera RA. We don’t know in which devices it is not working this, because in the Nexus 5 for example is going perfect.

Pokemon Go Gameplay

Solution: There are Pokémon in the camera

If you see a Pokémon you want to catch and you get the option of augmented reality such as we see in the top right, you will see that if you have it enabled you should see the Pokémon in vivo, to get the hang of it with more momentum as if it were in your city. However, it might occur that even if you have gyroscope, don’t you see the Pokémon. That is to say, at the time of activating the camera RA the Pokémon disappears. And you have to turn this option off to catch the Pokémon.

This problem, we are experiencing many users whose smartphones have gyroscope, which is truly bizarre. We have been in contact with the developers, because it seems that the game presents some bugs and might not work for all users.

The latest rumors suggest that not only need to have a gyroscope in the mobile, but also Marshmallow. In many Kitkat the game is giving you trouble and you might have to view the Android version, because it is made in the API 21.

In the Nexus 5 is going perfect

The Nexus 5 has gyroscope, Marshmallow and the camera of Google. Any of these 3 factors could influence (for now I do not know). We will soon have a response on the part of the developers.

Soon we will know more. We hope to have a solution soon. For now the only solution seems to be check the gyroscope and/or the Android version.

in the meantime, you can help us in the comments telling us what mobile you have and what version of Android, to see why it fails in some smartphones.

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