I add special effects to your videos with these apps for Android!

as Well as there are many quality applications to edit images, there are also for videos. Many of the users we leave aside the applications of special effects in the mobile because we think they are appalling. But no, there are some that are very good and realistic.

If you’re looking to surprise your friends with the videos, then you’ll like the applications that we have for you today. Are high quality, and safe enjoy.

FXGuru: Movie FX Director

it Is one of the most valued for their wide variety of special effects. It works mostly with the rear camera, as they are scenes cooperatives with the effects. That is to say, that we will act to make it look realistic depending on the theme you choose.

To create the scenario, we only need to place the point where you want to display the animations, and start recording. After a few seconds, the recording will stop automatically, and we will be able to choose at what time will start the special effect.

In this way, the end render, the application will save the video in our gallery. It is very recommended, and worth a download, but you have to consider that most of the issues are payments.

MovieRide FX

This is an application excellent, and very easy to use. MovieRide is in charge of recording our faces for a given time, as happens in FXGuru, and thus convert our video into something very cool.

will be able to become an astronaut lost in space, and we’ll just grabarnos mode selfie. The videos are very realistic and fun, duraremos a long time entreteniéndonos with MovieRide FX.

like other applications, have themes payments, so you will only be able to use free of charge that have the icon of the gift in a corner. On the other hand, is worth the price of the other topics, considering that they are of good quality and not very expensive.

Movie Effect Photo Editor

finally, we have this application that only handles to add effects to the images. We can put a picture of us in a different place, fighting some enemies, and other options that are very good. It is worth noting, that is not very realistic, but so far, there is no other better.

¿What you liked the most?

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