Hugo Barra explains why not use microSD cards in the new Xiaomi

Hugo Barra

One of the features that users like Android smartphones is the ability to have microSD slot on their devices. For many, the space provides a mobile phone is sometimes not enough, and have recourse to the cloud is not an option, especially if you have no Internet or network coverage WI-FI hand. Therefore, to save photos, music videos and of course, the best choice is always a good quality microSD .

But it seems that while manufacturers are not the work of this option include extra storage on their devices . If one of the main features of Apple and its iPhone is not to include microSD slot, we have seen that other brands such as Samsung, have also pointed to this trend in his new Samsung Galaxy S6-and that their devices have always had this option-. Why?

For as we read on Engadget Hugo Barra has the answer , and set an example to Xiaomi Mi 4i That same video dismounted and 40,000 models were sold in just 15 seconds -.

Hugo Barra think that the devices do not require high performance microSD card. The reason is simple, because hinder the performance of the phone . If in addition to this, buy a card shoddy or fake, could damage the phone application crashes or data loss. Then users would get nervous, be angry and would blame the malfunction to the phone or the manufacturer rather than the microSD card.

For Hugo Barra microSD cards have little time , noting that supporters expect Xiaomi not see this feature in future models which will not.

The reasons are understood Barra the problem is when some models are so righteous internal memory . For example, if a device comes with 8 or 16 GB of memory and no microSD card allows, it can be a great inconvenience to the end user, and you could run out of storage earlier than expected.

The conclusion is that microSD cards will disappear sooner rather than later , like removable batteries, which we are seeing less in high-end devices. This could give an interesting debate ye microSD card or not? Do you consider essential microSD slot?

And you do you think? Head over to Hugo Barra explains why not use microSD cards in the new Xiaomi to leave your mark.

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