Huawei sells more than ever, why the Nexus 6S?

huawei vende mas que nunca por nexus 6p

The guys at Huawei have published a report with the revenue throughout 2015 and they appear to be a 70% more in the field of smartphones. What smartphone has done it as well as to increase both the share of sales of mobile Huawei? Nexus 6S, could be the chosen one, although in Spain it is too expensive as to add it to the cart as well as we did with any other Nexus. We analyze the numbers of Huawei to achieve this 70%:

Huawei achieved a 70% more of profits in the mobile

Ricard Yu, director of the business group of Huawei, wanted to congratulate the new year to its employees a letter telling them all the expectations you expect from Huawei for the next few years.

Primeros Huawei en actualizar a Android 6.0 Marshmallow

let us Remember, that in all the 2015 have generated more than 20,000 million dollars of revenue in the year 2015, and all (the vast majority) come from the field of mobile phones. This represent an increase of 70% of benefits for the group of Huawei, which is crazy.

This is the letter which he sent to his men:

“In the next 3 to 5 years, it is expected that most of the mobile manufacturers disappear to the competition out there in the market. Huawei will become one of the two or three manufacturers that will survive. I think that without doubt we will become the number 1 in the industry”.

it Is clear, that Huawei aims to be the number 1. By now, you’re on the good path, especially with the incredible collaboration with the flagship Nexus from Google, the new Nexus 6S. The Nexus of Google will always sell, and in this occasion, Nexus 6P has been a success although in Spain we quit too expensive, but it will still have sold units and with its price, the benefit is greater.

Huawei is the third largest manufacturer

Behind Samsung and Apple, is Huawei, with sales of many mobile and making a lot of money. This year, it has been a great year for them, and want this 2016 to be even better. Let us recall that, by 2015, has generated sales of outstanding, and above all in China, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Huawei wants to focus on the high end, that’s what we’ve seen with the Huawei Nexus 6S. The phone is succeeding even though here it costs us a lot of money, and is a terminal impressive and virtually no gaps except FM radio, charge QI, and little more.

What do you think of these data? What is Nexus 6S the culprit or the great work throughout 2015?

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