Huawei may be preparing a phablet with its own stylus, ¿war in phablets?


Huawei would be preparing a phablet with its own technology stylus according to recent rumors that reach us from the Korean Daum means. In the same media they suggest that the Chinese firm takes a while talking to a couple of fabricanes of stylus South Korea, implying that the manufacturer of the Asian giant would launch what has been called Daum “S Pen Killer “, entering into direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy Note .

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The first momvimiento of Chinese have gone through engage with digital tablet maker Wacom , which helped develop the S Pen of Samsung. However, it seems that the two companies have failed to understand. This, they have pointed to Android Authority, may be because there is a exclusive agreement between Wacom and Samsung regarding the technology used in the S Pen.

When this negotiation failed, Huawei set about looking to find a competitor who pudirea produce a stylus a performance and price that can compete with Wacom products but for now there is everything.

The mysterious ally Huawei

Huawei Mate S

Do not know who will be the father of the child, who, in short, will finally manufacturer stylus Chinese . There is also no information so far about hardware this phablet coming to cheer the market, and much less about how it will look. However, there is a tennis arising from this Chinese company, and is that Huawei and thought to introduce a stylus to its Ascend Mate , so we can speculate that this will be a high-end device.

Although rumors had just to be true, still no way of knowing if finally come that phablet Huawei stylus . Nevertheless, a feature like that should be the perfect companion for the new star of Huawei Mate S. function’re talking about Force Android Touch, something that would change the way we use screens .

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Could Huawei launch a worthy competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note series? That is something that only time will tell. Meanwhile, give us your thoughts in the comments.

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