Huawei is not happy with Android Wear and calls for freedom of customization

Plano general del Huawei Watch en muñeca

The Chinese firm Huawei has landed on a high market smartwatch . At Mobile World Congress held earlier this month, we presented the new Huawei Watch, which of course we tasted it there, a showy Classic cut smart watch that uses Android Wear Google Operating System intended for these devices.

Now, as we read in Android Authority, one of the senior members of the company Yang Yong, has had a few words for Android Wear, words that are not exactly flattering . According to Yong, market research Huawei show that users want more features that differentiate some smartwatches other.


Android Wear is not as open as Android. For the clock may not be a standard. We want to have more freedom of customization, and we need to contact Google to see how we can do.

The limitations of this platform in terms of customization you make it very difficult for companies to achieve compete as do , for example, using smartphones , where it is permitted using software custom as adjustments, features, layers for the interface, and so on. The only thing that allows Android Wear to differentiate are watch faces , ie, the designs of areas, but everything else, including applications and menus, is not subject to modification except by Google itself.

So the only option they have is to play with the external design smartwatches . At first, removing the Motorola Moto 360, manufacturers betting on a square shape, possibly the amenities and better adaptation software . However, we have seen that this has been changing into round shapes approaching turn to more traditional designs, looking for that desired differentiation and exclusivity from the competition.

At the moment, it seems that Google has any intention of opening the doors wide to customizing Android Wear, although who knows, in the future anything can happen. For now, Huawei will have to settle for what has , or could, if you wanted, opt for another system to their smartwatches , such as the Samsung Tizen, or even own.

And you do you think? Drop by Huawei is not happy with Android Wear and calls for freedom of customization to make your mark.

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