Huawei has already sold 100 million smartphones this year, the same as in all 2015

Huawei P9 Plus, análisis, características, precio y opinionesAs we said at the time, and today we can confirm that Huawei is, without a doubt, the brand which has grown the most in recent years in terms of sales and popularity is concerned. The chinese firm has managed to carve a niche among the largest thanks to its ability to bring to the market devices that are competent in each and every one of the price ranges.

And as every effort has its reward, today, thanks to GSMArena, we know that Huawei has achieved the amazing figure of 100 million devices sold in the year so far, 2016, a quantity of the very few companies today can be proud of to have achieved.

The growth of Huawei continues to be unstoppable

Huawei Nova y Nova Plus: primeras sensaciones de la nueva gama media premium de HuaweiHas been in the event that Huawei has made in China to unveil its new smartphone Nova in the asian country, where the company has held this large number of sales, and where it has been indicated that two months of the year 2016 end, has already achieved over 100 million sales around the world, exactly the same figure that Huawei got in total last year 2015.

therefore, and not to be that the sales of Huawei will stagnate completely until the end of the year —an event that is completely unlikely— we can confirm that the firm would have set a record for itself in terms of sales, that they put to this brand of chinese origin to the height of the kings of the mobile phone.

If, in addition, we break down the data offered by Huawei, we can see that the Huawei P9, the current top-line of the signature before the arrival of the Matte 9 in the next month of November, has sold more than 6 million times around the world, while your little brother, Honor 8, has achieved the enviable figure of one and a half million units sold.

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest achievements of the firm in its entire history, but considering the unstoppable growth that is getting in recent times, it is more than likely that in coming years, the figure of 100 million is in a simple story.

Congratulations Huawei!

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