Huawei boasts the battery of the Matte 9 in a new tv ad

huawei-mate-9-pro-pantalla-curva-preciothere Are very few days until you can get to know the new phablet star of Huawei. Matt 9 will be presented the next day, November 3, , and will come to compete with the best of the best among all the landscape Android, and try to fill the great hole that the Samsung Galaxy Note7 has left in the market cap range of great dimensions.

Until now, thanks to the various leaks we’ve already known almost all the details on this new device of chinese origin. Even so, Huawei wants to continue putting the long teeth showing us new teasers on this top of range that we shall know very soon.

With the new tv ad that we see on these lines, Huawei boasts the battery of the new Matte 9 interviewing different users that complain about the current autonomy of their devices. Of course, Huawei makes us assume with the purported interviews in the video, that the terminal also features a fast charging system improved, thus demonstrating that the new Matte 9 is a step ahead of its rivals.

For now it is unknown what will be the amount of mAh that will have the battery of the device, though taking into account its screen size, should be large. What we do know today, is that it will have the new chip HiSilicon Kirin 960 should be much more efficient, in addition to offer up to 180% more performance compared to the Kirin 955 of the Huawei P9.

huawei-mate9-destacadaBe that as it may, we must wait even until the next Thursday to find out everything about the Huawei Mate 9 as well as of their possible premium variant called Mate 9 Pro with curved screen and an astronomical price, meanwhile, we must settle with advertisements that Huawei has been showing and with the leaks known until the day of today, which are not few.

What are you waiting for the new Huawei Mate 9?

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