HTC One M9 receives an update that improves the camera and reduces overheating

HTC One M9

No one can deny that the new flagship of HTC, the One M9 not a good terminal , but this has not been enough for the public, because innovation is negligible and remains the same like two generations ago, only has a powerful hardware market today.

This has affected sales, as a month ago we started seeing negative reports of the firm, which clearly detailing some sales up 50% less versus last HTC One M8 at this time. Today are the same or worse, because predict the near collapse of sales.

Despite this, the company did not lose hope and continues to update its terminal, this time the firmware of this, and as we say in making appreciable AndroidAuthority some important details like camera, battery and the autonomy of besides the known and so controversial overheating .

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Starting with the first paragraph, the photographic, the most visible improvement has been balance in the auto exposure in order to try to reduce this did not act properly. And if you wanted not to make night photographs by significant noise that appeared quiet, this has been reduced to improve the quality of these, along with yellow and green shades that did not get correctly the camera in bright situations .

The battery has also been optimized plus high drain applications like Youtube or Facebook. And if in this time of suffering the heat your terminal high temperature , this has been drastically reduced to prevent degradation of internal components and life.

The firm does not surrender, it is their main market bet and if left influenced by sales this terminal be obsolete but can not be, and do well course, because they are giving good support this and users who bought at the time and suffer these problems, that from here we encourage update and definitively resolved.

Did you come OTA? Have you solved the problems you suffered?

And you do you think? Head over to HTC One M9 receives an update that improves the camera and reduces the overheating to leave your mark.

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