HTC Ocean Note is the new “HTC U Ultra”, knows the latest rumors

We expected a HTC event to the next January 12. That day, it may happen something big in the signature taiwanese. That’s why we want to talk to you about the HTC Ocean Note or HTC OR Ultra, the new smartphone from the company that promises to reach the top. What is clear, is that what we thought would be the HTC Ocean Note with its 6 inches now could be the HTC OR Ultra, since we find in the invitation Or, that could mean something.

But since @OnLeaks, this guy has confirmed that we will have HTC U Ultra in reality. A phablet impressive 6-inches with the HTC wants to play as high. Did you get it?

HTC U Ultra

HTC Ocean Note or HTC OR Ultra: Rumors

Are 11 days until -possibly – all about the new HTC OR Ultra. We know that it will come with a 6-inch screen. For the moment, we do not know everything 100%, because there are still many days ahead to go revealing more about what awaits us.

it Is possible that you do not have headphones jack 3.5 mm. This is dying in many smartphones, so HTC could be the next brand to remove it from their terminals. It is possible for this to happen since then, but we will continue to very the parrot to be able to confirm it soon. What we also hope is that it comes with dual camera and USB Type-C, as competition, always wanting to sell.

What more are we looking for? What rumors say?

we don’t have much more information. What is clear, is that we expect features of terminal interesting to add to the cart, as can be the finger sensor, USB Type-C and no jack. In terms of colors, it is possible that we have it in black, white, and blue. Betting also by dual SIM.

This is everything that we have been collecting over the last few weeks. We’ll see how we surprised the guys from HTC, because their success again depends on terminal like this. To see if the users are willing to choose a 6-inch…

For the 12 of January we will know much more, for sure.

What do you expect from HTC?

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