HTC Exodus 1: this is the mobile phone that you can only buy with criptomonedas

┬┐Buy a mobile with criptomonedas? May seem like a madness or something out of science fiction, but it is more than possible. All thanks to HTC, which has launched today its new flagship that we can only pay with Bitcoins and company. We talk about the HTC Exodus: these are the characteristics of the high-end more cryptic.

HTC Exodus 1: features and price

Although the HTC Exodus 1 is the most innovative, being the first mobile that we can buy with criptomonedas, in their specifications, not so much. But this is not necessarily bad, and is that it is a copy almost exactly the HTC U12+. Thus, it has some characteristics of infarction, as well as a design of the most eye-catching.

Yes, as we can see, the back transparent back to make act of presence. This time, it has been brought to an end a lot more eye-catching, with the assumptions underlying the components of the discovered. We still don’t know if it is an inner casing, a sticker or the real components, but we must recognize that it is eye-catching. But not only are their benefits in the design, their specifications give you the size:

  • Screen OLED of 6.0 inches QuadHD+ and the ratio 18:9. Without notch, that’s for sure.
  • Processor Snapdragon 845, accompanied by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB.
  • 3.500 mAh battery, with support for Quick Charge 4.0.
  • Dual camera back 16 + 12 MP, with portrait mode and optical zoom.
  • Dual-chamber front 8 + 8 MP, with portrait mode.

But not just comes the HTC Exodus 1, but with a few details of much value. A clear example of the bet of the mark for this device is the inclusion of a bluetooth headset in the own box, which provide an extra value that any manufacturer offers in the market.

This, in addition to specs that are pretty much the best on the market (although this is close to leaving the Snapdragon 855 and are already appearing the first mobile phones with 10GB of RAM) and a design very, very different to what we are used to (and without notch), the HTC Exodus 1 is a very good option.

Price of the HTC Exodus 1: how many Bitcoins does it cost this beauty?

Okay, this is the first time that we don’t know how much cost a mobile. And is that the price of the HTC Exodus 1 is changing. The guys from HTC have been established in 0,15 BC (bitcoins), which are in constant change with respect to the euro and the dollar.

At this time, round the 836 euros at the exchange. Without a doubt, if they lose the Bitcoins with respect to our currency, it will be a great choice. Who will be the brave buy the HTC Exodus 1 and take the risk that lower price? Who knows, we might as well go the play, even.

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