HTC 11, is the successor of the Google Pixel?

HTC 11, HTC Ocean, it would be the heir of the Google Pixel. For now we don’t have too much data of the next Google smartphone, but slowly we’re getting curious details such as these that we are going to tell. We would know in advance that HTC would repeat as a manufacturer, that is the person who has signed the batteries of the Pixel Google.

The name of this HTC 11 could be HTC Ocean. It is a little odd, but it is surely the typical code name of the principle. What also has been leaked, is that it works in more versions: Ocean Master, Ocean Note Ocean and Smart. With these different names, we could have 3 sizes of screen, different… that is to say, that we could choose the more secure from 4.7-inch to 5.2-and 5.2-inches. Or 5 inch, 5.5 inch and 5.7 or something more. Who knows for now.


HTC 11, is the successor of the Google Pixel?

These 3 terminals HTC 11 could be the successors of the Google Pixel. For now we do not have all the accurate information about the benefits, but we do have some details.

we look forward to from then top of range. As the last chip of Qualcomm as it can be a Snapdragon 830 with 4 GB of RAM. In internal memory, we expected a minimum of 32 GB of storage. On screen, we hope to different screen sizes as you mentioned above, and resolution Quad HD.

, we Could have a pro version with dual camera

rumors also say that, we could have a higher version, pro, with dual camera. This, we could not consider it too innovative, because they have already left many terminals with these characteristics. What I do like, is the design taking advantage of the screen better.

as for the other, we speak of a powerful metallic design and fingerprint reader. We don’t see innovations of truth by any party, and that is something that worries us, but we could say that they have already innovated quite other manufacturers with these additives.

we’ll see what the future holds with these new handsets from HTC and Google. And to see what prices they come out to the market, because the Pixel is not being a bargain precisely. And neither to Spain has come out.

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