How WhatsApp will have to pay the operators?

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it Seems that people are still willing to put gates to the field and is now the operator Italian AGCOM you want to WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc, to pay for using their mobile networks.

This is stupid, yes, we can say it as well. The operators claim that provide the user with a service that they themselves offer but with the advantages that come your way operate, do not have to spend money to make infrastructure and work without having to pay anything to operators. AGCOM states that these third party services do not add value to the companies and must be paid in equal conditions.

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does it make sense that WhatsApp will pay for users to send messages?

This time the measure comes from Italy but this old man thought also originated in Spain where this is not the first time that we are afraid to see how some big operators apply canons to the most widely used services to be able to get something out of chop.

Well if this measure be effective , all websites would have to pay for using the network and is that the operators do not realize that if many users hire, a fee of 40 euros instead of 7 is because they need more data to use WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, etc .. When the users do not need data to navigate up with rates to be ridiculous.

The operators want to take money out to all the great services

What you ask for makes no sense but what is certain is that try to impose it directly with the help of the European Union, but we hope that you will not get anything as well. If these measures are implemented that would be affected would be the users of the networks that would see a price increase in the applications or would be as WhatsApp beta countries who want to make him pay.

is Not that the services of a third party have the pan caught by the handle but rather that you know how to attract people to use their services. is Not the first time that many operators unite to create an alternative to applications such as WhatsApp and get nothing.

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