How to watch Barcelona vs Madrid on Android

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Today is the classic, the most expected of the year… Barcelona vs Real Madrid. The boys of Pep are “on fire” but after clicked the previous matchday of the league, are going to have to continue to demonstrate who is in command of Spain. It is not the best time for whites, but sure the match is out of 5 stars. We have how to watch the Barcelona vs Madrid in Android free to 20:30 hours, if you have to resort to the mobile to view it, and you prefer to do so as it is due and without interruption.

See Barca vs Madrid in Android

Of the apps that we have tested, Wiseplay is probably our favorite. Your note on Google Play (4.2) already speaks for itself, because the users of the community agree that it is a great app. And I especially like because of its compatibility with Chromecast, you can upload a video from the app and send it to the TV.

wiseplay How do we use Wiseplay?

If you’d prefer to spend application, you can always open your browser and find a URL in which you see the game, but if you want to enjoy it as it is due, so you will only have to copy and paste the URL in Wiseplay. The ideal is that you add a list, because you will always remember it and you’ll be able to see any game from this free app. It is great!

In our case, to enjoy the classic, that is to say, Barça Madrid, we will need the package/list “Spain Total Premium“. In this list, you will find channels of football to follow the game, and between them Channel + great match to follow the game today. You can grab the list from here (updated).

Note: Android-N will not works for us.

do you Prefer browser? Pirlo TV

If you do not want applications, and you want to follow the Barca Madrid directly from a browser, with Pirlo TV you can do it from your Android. This page is very good, because you’ll be able to see any match, in addition, you have many options where to choose to see the classic, so what you will enjoy in good quality safe and fast.

With both options, you’ll need to be Wi-Fi-connected. At least we recommend it, although if you have the spare data dale, but consume a lot of to be streaming.

do You has been of some help? How do you plan to watch the Barca Madrid today?

Download | Wiseplay on Google Play

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