How to view WiFi password saved on Android?

Recordar contraseña WiFi Android

We have been looking for an app for to see the Wi-fi passwords saved on Android without root but what is certain is that the only way to do this involves having the root in the cell. It is very easy to be root in Android although if you are going to be just for this it is best not to resort to such a process, it is best to write down the passwords in a file and ready, to have them always available.

Now, yes you still need to see password of WiFi router saved on your Android (nothing of stealing WiFi from the neighbor) it is best that you pay attention to the application WiFi Password, this application allows us to see the keys in the WiFi saved in Android if we need to remember them but the price to pay will not be none it will be necessary to be root as I have mentioned.

How to view the passwords of the WiFi saved on Android?

For us, this option should come by default but in Android it is not possible to refer to this password without root. We just have to download the app from Google Play and the process will be simple.

WP-Appbox: Wifi Password(ROOT) (Free, Google Play) →

Nothing more open it will ask root permissions, once granted you will see a list of networks stored in the mobile. Within the list of networks we will be able to see the keys and pressing on them to copy them to the clipboard and send them to where you want to. It is a very useful application because with a screenshot we will be able to save the password to remember.

we can Also recover the passwords manually

Many of you know that there are a lot of file browsers for Android but some, with permissions root, we allow you to access hidden files that of another form we cannot see. It is for this reason that our passwords can be view manually, but also with the permissions of root.

  • Open a file explorer with permissions root, here are some of the best.
  • We look for the folder /data/wifi or /data/misc/wifi and open the file wpa-supplicant.conf with a text editor.

This file will show us the networks Android lists to save, copy, or share. It’s so easy, if you do not trust on the above application. We hope that you have served the utility to recover the password of the WiFi, sometimes we become crazy to remember it.

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