How to view the Debate 13J in Android

ver el Debate 13J en Android

¿you Want to know how to view the Debate 13J in Android? We are going to tell you, because we have been so long waiting for this moment that you can’t miss it for anything. We are before a discussion at 4 that will take place this evening in all the chains, state and regional governments from 22:00 hours.

As you know, this night Mariano Rajoy (PP), Pedro Sanchez (, PSOE), Albert Rivera (Citizens) and Pablo Iglesias (together we Can) will face off in the Debate 13J. A debate that has provided a duration of 2 hours and that is so special to be aired in open from the main TV channels. For the same reason, you can’t lose it and have to follow it, from your Android, we will going to tell you how.


How to view the Debate 13J in Android

Not too long ago we tell you how to watch Antenna 3 from the Android and flues going around. Really, what you need is an application that allows you to see the TV from Android. This app that we told you in the previous article, it works very well and you can move quickly from one channel to another to see the Discussion 13J from where you want and in your Android.

Guide TV account (3.9 a note on the Google Play and is free of charge. In these moments we already have with other apps that allow you to enjoy many channels on the tele for free, but without a doubt this is very well, I have spent several years with it installed and goes perfect. It doesn’t crash and allows you to see fast any channel, that is, in the end, what matters. If you prefer to follow along in Antenna 3, you can download the app from Atresplayer that we leave below. The same thing if you want to Telecinco, with Mitele Mediaset.

WP-Appbox: Guia TV (Free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Atresplayer (Free*, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Mitele – TV-on-demand (Free, Google Play) →

We are faced with a great debate to 4 that could help to (finally) decide how you will vote on next 24 of June, 24J, because it could come out a clear winner of this Debate of the 13 June, in which we will see Rajoy, Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera defend better than ever the interests of Spain.

you do Not know who to vote for?

this test Election will help you make up your mind, to discover your political persuasion if you still have doubts. It works very well. And you’ll be able to perform the test relatively quickly.

WP-Appbox: Test Elections 26J (Free, Google Play) →

I Dare to follow the debate with us!

Who is your winner? Do you think to follow the debate 13J in Android? Don’t hesitate on these days in the comments.

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