How to view Instagram Stories on the computer


few days Ago the guys of Instagram we were amazed with a copy of Snapchat, the Instagram Stories. why copy? Because they are a kind of essays or even stories created by mixing photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. The great feature that differentiates Snapchat, that all vanishes in a given time. Given that the web client does not allow you to see them for what now, we will tell you how to view Instagram Stories on Computer.

If you want to enjoy the newest Instagram from your PC, you’re going to be able to do this that we tell you. It’s a trick that works, and you’ll need Chrome to do this. Given that Chrome is used by more than half of users, I hope you use it and you can add the extension Chrome IG Story. Let’s move on to the action:

Editar Historia Instagram

See Instagram Stories on computer

This is what you need to view the Instagram Stories from the computer:

  • Installing extension Chrome IG Story.
  • Enter in the website of Instagram and logging in with your account.

And you are done!

Now you can see the Stories that your contacts have been published in the top. Remember that will disappear automatically every 24 hours. Click on the you want to view and it will open automatically. You’ll be able to see it in large size and good resolution.

Is quite intuitive. You can move around the controls without any problems. You don’t need the smartphone, you’ll be able to see the Instagram Stores from the browser with this extension it is of the utmost confidence, do not put your privacy at risk or much less. It is not malware. It is an extension verified that it works. You’ll be able to remove it when you want to.

Note: if it doesn’t work properly the extension, it checks AdBlock.

you Can download the Instagram Stories

you Can download the Instagram Stores with the extension. If you right-click on the icon of the contact (which has published the Story), you’ll be able to download it. Basically, it is ZIP that contains everything that you used.

Remember that we tell you how to operate the Instagram Stories. Any questions, just ask in the comments.

have You been served? Have you been able to see Instagram Stores in the PC?

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