How to view Android screen on PC without root

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See the Android screen on PC without root is complicated, it is more, a few years ago to do this easily and without root it was unthinkable. Thank god the thing has changed quite a bit and now there is a method very very easy for you to see the display Android on PC without the need of root.

first of all I’ll warn you that this method may not be the best for recording the screen if you need to see a game or something like that because it takes a certain delay and is a little slower in addition to not fully represent the range of colors for your smartphone (Though you can do it). Yes, it is perfect for controlling your Android from PC easy way and go to recording screen to perform some tutorial or any thing of the style.

TeamViewer con Android

How to view Android screen on PC without root?

See the screen of Android without root is very simple, obviously we’re not going to have to be root or anything like that only we need to download the latest version of TeamViewer Host Beta and also install TeamViewer on PC or start the executable without installing the program, it is also possible.

To see how it works TeamViewer Host Beta and discover how TeamViewer works on Android without root just follow this tutorial where we explain how to download the application, how to install and how to use it, is very simple. In case you have doubts of how this is done, you should only use the comments below, and we will clarify the doubts.

we Hope that this small and simple tutorial will serve to see the Android screen on Windows, OS X, or Linux without the need of having a rooted phone that is something that ends up placing in check the warranty though in reality, having a rooted phone does not make you lose the warranty but that is something that we’ll talk about at another time.

have You tried TeamViewer to send the screen of your Android to the PC? Do you have questions of how it is used? Do you think that there are better methods? Only you have to help the other users through the comments, you can do so with your account of Facebook in easy way.

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