How to use Doze in the Galaxy S6

Doblar autonomía Galaxy S6

Doze, this is one of the bikes that we have sold Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is one of the best options to have Android on your smartphone. The mode Doze allows you to increase the autonomy of our mobile considerably but… what does it Fell to be so good?

Doze in Android helps to cut off the connection of the applications with the network for long periods of time and at the same time, these can connect once in a while. This causes us to lose the automatic notifications, but at the same time strengthen the autonomy of the terminal considerably. The most curious of the matter is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has already Doze, how is this possible? Android 6.0 Marshmallow still has not arrived at the Samsung Galaxy S6 but this terminal, so that those who criticize Samsung take it into account, since it has the mode Doze built-despite having one of the best ways of saving energy that we see in a smartphone.

Optimización de Apps Galaxy S6

How to set up and use Doze in the Galaxy S6?

Doze is called in Android Optimizing battery but on the Galaxy S6 with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is called Optimization of Apps and the operation is identical. The only difference of Doze in the Galaxy S6 is that in this app are not all of the applications, those in which we need notifications at the moment as WhatsApp already does not appear, and we save the work, in the end we can enable the optimization of applications for all and we will not have problems.

Doze is in the Galaxy S6 from the beginning of October, although it may be that some countries still have not reached this small update of 78 MB, which gives us the possibility of having a Doze in the Galaxy S6.

  • To configure Doze just go to Settings -> Battery -> Detail (Optimizing Apps) and activate the option.
  • At MOST we can select the delay time to optimize applications that you don’t usually use, or click Edit and choose all the applications you want to optimize. It is best to choose them all if there is no for which you need notifications at the time as a Telegram, or any other, in that case it may be better not to optimize it.

This mode is very useful and allows you to improving bestial the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S6 and is that despite having a good autonomy when you do a intensive use of the terminal you can run out of battery easily on the toughest days.

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