How to use Daydream from any mobile

If you want to know how to use Daydream from any mobile you can not miss this tutorial because we show you how, and has a lot to do with a news story that has just come to light. And is that the new beta of Google Chrome for Android comes with support for WebVR. This is equivalent to a native app in Google Daydream. By now we know, as it is clear that you do not have the same power, but it is a good news for users who want to always enjoy the latest.

This means, that soon we will be able to enjoy content prepared for virtual reality from the browser Google Chrome.

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How to use Daydream from any mobile device thanks to Chrome and WebVR

Surely you are aware of that Daydream is compatible with very few smartphones, but this news comes to us thanks to the update of Chrome with this new functionality gives the green light to this feature, so that Daydream happens to be compatible with any mobile device thanks to the beta Chrome 56. That adds the feature WebVR.

is Not the same as the native app, but it is an advance… you have to take into account that still a web app though it is very powerful, may not have the same control over the hardware that their own native app. Although Google is the one who walketh in the midst of all insurance that you get to do something amazing soon. Because it is the first time that we see this advancement in Google Chrome.

Enjoy all this with the new beta of Chrome 56

Have to hit a download to new of Chrome 56 for Android. It also comes with other new features, such as support for the API or Bluetooth API that allows you to take screenshots and videos to websites. Without doubt it is a beta fairly comprehensive, although bear in mind it is a beta… do not always offer the same thing as a stable version… but you can try it now because it has no waste.

you Just have to activate the sources of unknown sources from Settings, Security, and download the following APK. When you are stable Chrome 56 already you can download from the Play Store.

Download | Chrome 56 APK

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