How to unlock the Moto G for free

Liberar Moto G gratis

If you have a Moto G and you want to release it without spending a doubt, you’ve reached the site you were looking for. In this article we will tell how to release Moto G for free, and in addition, it will take you no more than a couple of minutes. So you will have your Moto G is free to use with the SIM card that you want. Here we go with the tutorial:

Released Moto G for free and 5 minutes


To to release the Moto G, you must follow the following steps:

  • Starts a chat through the application’s “Help”.
  • for the unlock code from the Moto G (you’ll need to give some basic data of the terminal and your information, country, phone number…). Also you will be asked for the IMEI, which we will tell you what is and what is it, you can get it by dialing *#61#.
  • In 5 minutes you will have the code.
  • Resets the terminal (you can test with another SIM), you enter the code, and you have released your Bike.

If all has gone well, now your Moto G has been released for free and it works with any operator. It could occur that the operator refuses to give the information, saying that you contact the company. What you could do would be to re-contact, to see if he plays the flute.

Remember to stay with the name of the person that serves you, in order not to bump twice with the same stone. As we emphasize, that it is possible to try a few times, because a gift horse…

Works for Moto X and Moto E

Users who have tried it, they confess that it works for Moto X and Moto E, so you can try out with your Bike if you want to release it for free, and in the end, you have nothing to lose.

we have worked for a Moto G, and we have managed to release it. I hope it will be of great help in the tuto and get free Moto G for free. you know, as always, you can write to us with any questions you have, we will help you gladly.

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